What do most lawn care companies charge?

How much to charge for lawn care services. Yard cleaning involves several services being done at once to tidy up your lawn, including weeding, spring and autumn cleaning, tree pruning, and debris removal. Instead of charging each task as a separate service, your lawn care provider will bundle them into a garden cleaning service at a lower cost. Growing a new lawn costs less than replanting an existing lawn (replacement) because the latter involves removing old grass, rototilling the soil, and amending the soil before planting.

No matter how badly maintained your lawn has been in the past, professionals can bring a dry lawn back to life or tame a mess that's too big. If you offer the same services as another lawn care business, try not to charge too much more than 15% above your price. However, it's fair to assume that a large or syndicated company with new equipment, company trucks, employee uniforms, and liability insurance tends to cost more than a freelance lawn care professional. Some lawn care professionals charge twice the hourly labor rate just for having their equipment on site.

While some lawn care companies charge by the hour, others charge by service and size, with price discounts often for regular customers. Instead, try to offer the highest quality service, especially if you are trying to get commercial contracts for lawn care. This should include your most common amenities and yard sizes so that you have consistent prices to which you should refer to when making estimates on lawn care. Lawn care companies that have newer equipment, company trucks, employee uniforms, and formalized business practices such as insurance and liability coverage may charge higher rates than less formalized service providers.

Instead of paying for each service separately, think of recurring package plans like buying lawn care in bulk. Lawn care teams will determine what additional services your lawn needs during each visit, depending on your contract. A lawn care pricing table can also help you respond to customers looking for discounts or negotiated rates. Lawn care companies need to protect themselves for the winter so that what they earn during the high season allows them to earn a living during the off-season.

Setting the right prices for your lawn care services is a must if you want to attract paying customers and benefit from every job. Lawn care companies bring professional quality equipment, maintain tools, and know the right products to use. A simple mowing will cost less than if a lawn care provider also performs fertilization, watering, aeration and other services.