Does lawn care fall under agriculture?

(C) Lawn mowing, except where it can be considered incidental to agricultural operations, is not agricultural work. Nursery employees work in agriculture if they are engaged in planting fruits, nuts, shade, vegetables and ornamental plants or trees, flowers, shrubs and vines, and caring for the growing crop. Employees of a nursery producer who work in packaging or storage sheds that prepare the nursery stock for the market are also within the definition. Workers who actually plant nurseries on private or public property are engaged in agriculture, but only if they are employees of the nursery that grew the plants.

Employees who work for landscaping companies that purchase nursery material from the original producer are not employed in agriculture. However, in Florida, lawn care operators fall under the umbrella of landscape design. Florida landscape design companies can mow, mow, plant and maintain lawns without using pesticides. But you need to get a business license from the Florida Department of State's Division of Corporations before working in anyone's yard.

You know the value you bring to your lawn care customers, whether they are residential, commercial or property. You, as a lawn care operator, need to know what your state requires to be certified as a pesticide applicator. Spyker's blog includes articles and videos to help you maintain and grow a successful lawn care operation. These certifications allow you to specialize in one area of lawn care or add another source of income to your current company.