Do lawn care companies work in the rain?

Your landscaping company can continue to work on rainy days. If you plan ahead, you can keep your team working despite the rain and continue to manage and grow your business. Rain doesn't always keep white women and crews off the field. On the one hand, the company can still aerate the lawn.

And if it doesn't rain too much, you can put fertilizer. It has to be watered anyway.

Lawn care

and landscaping companies have different ways to approach the problem, depending on its size, location, and budget. Weather is especially sensitive during the first two and a half months of the season when customers' annual lawn care programs begin.

When it rains, the best time to make adjustments to your gardening and lawn care program is right away. On the radar A spring week with four rainy days is the best option for the course in Nova Scotia, where Graham Oldreive operates Ducke's Lawn Care Services in the city of Dartmouth. When it comes to mother nature, your lawn care company can do a lot to control the situation. When landscaping or lawn care projects are delayed, the customer deserves to know as soon as possible.