Is organic lawn care more expensive?

Organic lawn care is more environmentally friendly, however, it is a more expensive option compared to traditional legal care. One way to think about organic lawn care is to work with nature, rather than against nature. Organic lawn care is intended to improve the soil chemistry of the lawn over time, usually a 3-year plan. Yes, a natural solvent is usually more expensive than synthetic.

Often times, you find that the cost per pound of natural fertilizer is lower than that of a synthetic blend, but you need to apply more product to your lawn to get the same amount of nutrients found in synthetic fertilizer. In the long run, natural is definitely more expensive. Anything organic is usually a little more expensive. Organic fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides are no different.

Because it will take longer (and time is money) to care for an organic lawn, you'll find that it's more expensive. However, there is no price for a healthy family, so take comfort in the fact that organic lawn care will give you peace of mind. Based on the results of the soil analysis, Sunday designs a personalized organic lawn care treatment and sends you what you need when you need it. With increasing knowledge about the way nature responds, landscaping companies are bringing clean innovation to care.

Research clearly shows the effect of fertilizers on groundwater, and countless studies have linked common ingredients of products for lawn care, such as fertilizers and pesticides, with cancer and other diseases The TruNatural lawn care plan is a great option for homeowners looking for an organic fertilizer program. We've done our homework for you by researching almost every lawn care company on the market so you can have the information you need to make the best decision for your home. One of the best parts about LawnBright is that it offers pre-emergent weed control products, something of a rarity in the fledgling organic lawn care space. The company's most popular plan is the 100% pesticide-free lawn care plan, which uses milorganite, a nitrogen-based fertilizer.

The company's wide availability, long history of stellar service and knowledgeable staff make the company's organic lawn care service far above the competition. In a nutshell, TruGreen maintains its employees to high standards, meaning you can expect individual attention from a lawn care expert when you apply for the TruNatural plan. The synthetic chemicals used by most lawn care companies work directly on the lawn blade to “green it with excess nitrogen.” However, if you're most concerned about fertilizers, the organic-based lawn care plan continues to use 100% natural fertilizers as a pesticide-free plan. Harvard University has a long-term lawn care program that stopped using chemicals almost a decade ago, and the school wisely documented the economics of its transition.